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Amish Country Ohio is in northeast-central Ohio and contains the largest community of Amish in the world. The Amish community is centered in Holmes County with over 45% of the county's current population being comprised of Amish people.

What makes the Shop Amish Country site and app unique? It is operated primarily by Amish, Mennonite, Former Amish, and one English guy. The insights you receive are not put together by people who are pushing you into anything. Have a question? Ask us, want to know how to say certain things in Dutch? We are happy to provide some education.

We share the “must see” attractions, places to stay, shop, and all of the local businesses you can do business with. We personally know all the Amish and Mennonite families that are using our site as a marketing platform for the goods and services they sell and provide.

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The One Room Schoolhouse

by admin 1 year ago

The One Room Schoolhouse: A Staple of Amish EducationThe one-room schoolhouse is an iconic part of American history and even today, the Amish community still uses them to educate their children. While...

Why are peacocks special to the amish

by admin 1 year ago

Why are peacocks special to the Amish? Peacocks are special to the Amish because they represent beauty, freedom, and self-expression. Peacocks are often used as symbols of faith and grace, and the vib...

Top 7 attractions in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

by admin 1 year ago shop amish

Lancaster, Pennsylvania is renowned for its rich history, vibrant culture, and beautiful architecture. It is the oldest inland city in the United States and is home to an active Amish community. The c...